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At BCCounselling.com, we believe that individuals have the capacity to overcome and be strengthened by life's challenges. Sometimes, people may need objective direction to work through these difficulties and to have sunshine in their lives again. Overcoming obstacles will create a more fulfilling and successful life journey for you and the important people in your life.

Wayne Shoblom, MSW, RCSW, has worked in health care for over fifteen years counselling adults, families, and groups to help manage illness, crises, and life changing events. This work includes assisting with individual, psychological and social concerns, adjustment to illness, couple and marriage counselling, Family Therapy, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, parenting issues, relationships, stress, substance abuse, trauma, work, and other important life improvement areas.

Wayne completed his Master's of Social Work Degree in 2004 and his Bachelor's of Social Work degree in 1992. He has completed a diverse selection of educational courses important to understanding human behaviour and fostering change. Wayne is a Registered Clinical Social Worker and belongs to the British Columbia Association of Social Workers.

Wayne gets great satisfaction out of helping people understand and connect with their own life stories, themselves, and the special and important people in their lives. Wayne believes that everyone works towards self-improvement in their lives but there are times in people's lives when individuals, couples, and families wish to overcome challenges that they cannot overcome alone. Sometimes, depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, conflict, unhappiness, health problems, and alike can appear overwhelming. During these times, Wayne believes it is important to reach out to receive assistance because what appears overwhelming, can often be overcome quickly with skilled assistance. Wayne will help you correctly identify what is not working, provide support, and together select an appropriate plan to overcome the difficulties you are needing help with at this time.

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